Memories Stick

A futuristic movie about brain experiments and their consequences

About the project

Project timespan: 2 weeks

Client: Scala Productiehuis

Memories Stick is the result of the TU/e Kort initiative by Scala Productiehuis. The film has been displayed in film theatre the Zwarte Doos during the Ti Amore festival on 15 & 16 June 2012,

This project is a team effort with Sanne Kahmann, Sandra Bedaf, Stephan van Mierlo, Koen Beljaars, Alke van den Berg, Philip Meyfroyt, Maren Banus, Sjors Leijen, Natalie Baten, Stephany Gerrits, Thomas Smit, Mick van Herk, Lukas de Kort, Bob Rutten, Richard Spierings, Nico van de Klundert and Marc Sanders.


‘Memories Stick’ is a short futuristic film about Daan, a student who voluntarily acts as a test subject in brain experiments to earn some extra money. A few scans, some more experiments, everything seems to be as normal as ever. Although Daan starts to forget about random things lately…

The movie was realized in a multidisciplinary team of 12 students from across the country, under guidance of two professional film directors. This short film has been created from idea to realization by students and the subject of the film was totally left open for us to design. A first week was spent on working out the scenario, arranging locations for the scenes, making Special Effects (SFX) storyboards and other preparations. During 5 full-time days in a second week, we have captured the scenes of the actual film.

My personal goal was to gain experience in the art of film making, by taking up different roles required in the process to work towards a professional end result. My personal contribution has been in the areas of concept design and prop making, designing Special Effects, acting as floor manager, designing sets and setdressing.