Museumnacht TrouwAmsterdam

Making a building come alive

About the project

Project timespan: 7 weeks

Client: Club Trouw, MediaLAB Amsterdam

This interactive urban projection is developed as an eyecatcher for club Trouw during the Museumnacht Amsterdam 2009. an annual art festival with around 26.000 visitors.

This project is a team effort with 6 other students: Izaak van der Star, Duy Nguyen, Pieter Braam, Kevin van Kleef, Wouter van der Fluit and Floris Smitskamp. Producers & project management: Jan Scholte, Gijs Gootjes and Margreet Riphagen.


During this project an ‘Urban Projection’ was developed for the building façade of club Trouw during the Amsterdam Museumnacht. The black front side of the building was illuminated with a special projection with 2D and 3D animated effects, able to create the illusion that the building is ‘brought to life’ in every direction. Visitors of the Museumn8 were able to animate the building in an interactive way by means of a touchscreen.

The 3D-animations were triggered by visitors pressing particular tiles of the building on the touchscreen, whilst the 2D music application allowed them to change the building into a musical instrument. The purpose of this installation was to entertain people with large and interesting visual concepts during their stay in the long waiting line in front of Trouw.