De Nachtwachters

A television series about the night watch in an enchanted museum

About the project

Project timespan: 2 days

Client: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

This project was part of a design competition set up by Battle of Concepts. This organization is a platform where companies and government organisations are looking for innovative ideas and creative solutions for all kinds of societal matters. HBO or University students can participate freely.


The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum posed a challenge on how to attract more visitors, and increase their income per visitor. A concept was designed with which the Rijksmuseum can profile itself to both regular as new visitors. “De Nachtwachters” is a television series-concept about two night watchmen in the exciting Rijksmuseum, aimed towards children age 4-12.

The art-appreciating, careful Edward, and the cheerful, impulsive but clumsy Hobbe have to work together, to ensure that the museum also stays calm at night time. However, they experience all sorts of adventures when the painted figures climb from their picture frames during the night...

The concept was chosen 9th place from 60 submissions and awarded with a € 300,- prize.