New Zealand Body Art

Experience in a special effects makeup niche abroad

About the project

Project timespan: 5 months

Client: New Zealand Body Art

New Zealand Body Art organizes many bodypainting events during the year for established and upcoming bodypainting artists in the special-effects makeup industry for i.e. film, television and theatre. Next to learning activities it also organizes the NZ Body Art Awards, an international annual show for artists to showcase their work to a global audience.


On my travel gap year in New Zealand I ended up working for the New Zealand Body Art foundation, where I have engaged in several activities. Next to making props for exhibitions and a role as graphic designer / promotor, I have set up and organized creative workshops in Auckland (i.e. Mask making, Airbrushing etc.) given by established NZ artists (i.e. people working on the “The Hobbit” movies).

I have also participated in the national Westfield Style Pasifika Fashion Show as a body paint assistant, and as an artist in the NZ Body Art Awards event. During the latter I created a Crystal Cave Creature with motorized drill (made of latex, cardboard, newspapers and foam) which was awarded 2nd prize in the SPFX Fantasy category.

Other activities included casual office management, body painting and organizing a variety of exhibitions.