Rewired Connections

An interactive exhibition on the post-apocalyptic theme

About the project

Project timespan: 2 weeks

Client: Ketelhuis Eindhoven

Rewired Connections was created for the exhibition Remediating the Apocalypse at the Ketelhuis Eindhoven, in the learning module Remediating Media.

Rewired Connections is a team effort with Bert Bogaerts en Paul Stoutjesdijk.



Rewired Connections is an interactive installation which tries to illustrate a post-apocalyptic scenario in which we cannot rely any longer on traditional media for our communications and transmission of knowledge. If our speech is noised out, can we still rely on our basic human instincts and creativity to connect with each other?
The installation uses two phone booths that are placed on either side of the exhibition space. But instead of talking to each other through the phones in spoken words, people’s words are translated into flame patterns that follow their way of speaking. Both people can see each other’s flame patterns and interpret them as they see fit.