Being geared with a broad interest, I like to discover things. New people, places and projects inspire me to learn new creative skills, which has allowed me to become proficient with designing in a variety of contexts. This broad development helps me to bridge knowledge and implement skills from one field to another, in order to create out-of-the-box concepts.


What would design be without the input of other people or contextual situations? I try to immerse myself in the situation I am designing for, not only to be inspired for meaningful ideas, but also because I see real-world probing as essential reflection to confront a design’s intended meaning with its real value for people. Perceiving and evaluating what my makings actually bring about, helps me to get closer to the core of a challenge, and thus create design concepts that better suit the context they are made for.


Design happens in both the mind and the makings. The making process translates complex abstract situations into concrete design propositions, which in turn also provides very relevant feedback for the macroscopic vision on a project. I like to balance my projects between phases of thinking and making, because I believe it keeps the design process fresh and to-the point, and therefore helps establishing a design that fits its context.


I entertain because I believe the power of play and entertainment can make people care. During playtime, the seriousness of consequence falls away and the freedom to explore and interact is often greatly enhanced. It allows us to embrace new or alternative situations and therefore it makes people more curious and open towards social, ecological and ethical alternatives for our society. I believe play-centered design can create a sense of societal awareness, and can intrinsically motivate people to make a change towards a world which we truly care about.


Designing is a social science. The best results can only be achieved when skills and perspectives of different people are combined. I function well in a team, know how and when to involve experts, and am able to take up leading as well as following roles.