I am skilled in designing and facilitating brainstorms, makestorms and other ideation methods, and can bring them into a team setting to contrive designs that differ from the usual solutions.

Crafting & Prototyping

I am able to make abstract ideas concrete and turn them into experiential prototypes. I can tinker and hack with today's technologies and am proficient with tangible modelling.

While I often start with wood and foam, I also use a variety of steel, stone and plastic materials. I enjoy experimenting with different technologies and traditional workmanships to manufacture something that fits the bill. And I am always keen to find simple, low-fi, low cost solutions to nevertheless achieve design quality.

Visual Communication

I am experienced in graphic design, illustration, 3d-modelling and photography, but also in animation and video editing to communicate design scenarios, impressions and experiences. I intend to visualize with care so that a project is also treated with care by others.

Concept Validation

I believe designs become most valuable to people when they are developed inside the societal context they are being designed for. I enjoy being out in the field, immersed in the full-day rituals and perspectives of people because that is where I am inspired to find the ingredients for a design that people will care about.

I try to empathically link with the people I design for because I see this as an essential key to design meaningful innovations for them. I use my skills of filming, data logging and interviewing to communicate and validate my designs in a real-world context because it usually provides rich, fresh and to-the-point input which offers direction to the design process.

Managing Design Processes

I alternate in applying my skills of exploring, ideating, making and analyzing to inspire myself and others while working in a process of multiple design iterations. I continuously communicate to obtain feedback from clients, target groups or team members, creating focus points which I use to give direction to a project. 

During a design process I balance between macroscopic and microscopic stances so that the produced work keeps in touch with the project goals. I am also able to involve and communicate with experts or professionals when specific knowledge or experience is required to provide depth to a team’s design development.

Computer Tools


After Effects


MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Quartz Composer