Beyond Barriers
Facilitating close personal contact between orangutans and zoo visitors.
Playing with your home energy usage for energy awareness.
Social Stairs
An interactive staircase transforming human behaviour.
Rewired Connections
An interactive exhibition on the post-apocalyptic theme.
Change the fa├žade of the world around you.
Wear & Flare
Introducing game elements in class to add up to the traditional methods of learning.
Memories Stick
A futuristic movie about brain experiments and their consequences.
New Zealand Body Art
Experience in a special effects makeup niche abroad.
Museumnacht TrouwAmsterdam
Making a building come alive.
De Nachtwachters
A television series about the night watch in an enchanted museum.
Various 3D models for a range of design projects.
Sketches & Illustrations
A selection of illustrations for various design projects.